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Trend Setters

What does Nashville, NYC, and Newfoundland have in common? I'd answer nothing before I met Lindsey and Darragh for their 2022 Wedding. After our first meeting and learning about their likes and locations, I realized their love for tradition and bringing a little of them + a lot of their guests to the wedding design was going to make this one to remember. Two years later, the eclectic yet very thoughtful design and feel still tracks.

As a planner, doing research for trends and designs is part of the process so we can bring the best ideas to our couples and clients. I am also very open to hearing more about YOU so we can find the right fit and right path to make it happen. Looking into 2024 Wedding Trends from and brought so many memories from Lindsey and Darragh's day, as well as solidified my thought that this special, classy couple was indeed ahead of their times.

According to top articles, the INs of the 2024 year include casual wedding parties, heartfelt menu inspiration, a focus on the guests, as well as cute, fringed cakes and cocktail experiences. These trending topics were very much our focus for the fun, Nashville night even back in August 2022!

Lindsey and Darragh chose a Full Planning package which allowed us to be a little more involved in the vendor sourcing and creative pieces of the wedding planning. The priorities for the wedding was a good flow and a casual NYC bistro feel, the menu, and the overall enjoyment for the guests. We discussed the menu stations focusing on food inspired by all areas the couple has ties to - Ireland, Newfoundland, New England, Tennessee - and created a diagram specific to a lounge like set up built for conversations and comfortability.

The couple chose to get married at The Cordelle, which is a very Nashville chic wedding venue with a beautiful lawn, wood floor, original exposed brick, high ceilings and natural lighting. We hosted the ceremony on the lawn with nothing but nature and a few chairs for us. The wedding party sat in the front rows in their own attire, leaving the love of the couple front, center, and focused. The ceremony was very genuine and led to the celebration perfectly.

Inside the venue really spoke for itself in design and texture for our reception. Both Lindsey and Darragh have a very keen eye for style and detail. The couple chose a linen-less look, so we directed our rentals search to different woods and marble table pieces. The leather lounge sets tied in the seating and provided the bistro look the couple desired. The lounge set up fit perfectly in the intimate Victorian portion of the venue, leaving the large Great Hall for food and bar flow, as well as the center stage for dancing. We occupied all spaces well and created the energy Lindsey and Darragh expressed since day one.

Let's not skip out on the menu... at all. We mentioned highlighting various regions, but Catering By Suzette really nailed it for us. We had a southern inspired station with the fried chicken, collard greens, and grits only for guests to turn around to the fire and ice northern station loaded with lobster rolls, oysters on a half shell, crab claws, and New England clam chowder. The Yorkshire Pudding was a hit - just like the entire menu that was not only delicious, but meaningful in many ways. Looking forward into 2024, we are happy to see less traditional set ups and inspired menus like this in the mix.

Lindsey and Darragh took the cake for trending desserts - even in '22. Our bride sent inspiration for frills and real fruit, and Jo's Custom Cakes loved this project. We couldn't pick one, so we chose 3! Chocolate and Bailey's Irish Cream, Strawberry, and Bourbon Pecan cakes paired nicely with a special Dessert Wine Experience on the patio after dinner. It was the sweetest ending to a clever and intriguing meal.

Lindsey and Darragh's wedding really stood out among many because of their eye for detail, focus on guests, and their ability to be genuine and make it personal. From the day spent with friends to the ease and sweetness of the ceremony, through the dinner, drinks, and dancing, all the way to the after party, no detail was spared when it came down to celebrating two very cool people and their new love together.

Our favorite parts about this wedding - The disco balls, the food station / sporadic seating, the DJ, and the CAKES of course!

Penny Haas

Owner, Lead Planner

Penny Haas, LLC




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